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Make your trip into luxurious and comfortable travel.

Луксозни и Индивидуални  Пътнически Превози  и Трансфери в България и Европа by BG Trans.Ltd
BG Trans.Ltd  Presents:

Luxury Van's for business or pleasure trips, weddings, parties, meetings, or airport pick ups and drop offs, we offer luxurious and comfortabile car rentals, English speaking drivers and discrete service.

Cars can be rented to and from any place in Bulgaria and other European countries.

Most advantageous tender and the best price.

Vehicles are rented only with driver proficient English and Russian language! The cost of fuel is included in the price of the transfer.  makes concessions for tour operators and regular customers for over 2000 km. there are preferential prices.

 Prices range from 0.40 euro./km. to 0.45 euro./km. VAT in the country. Apart from this price Travel costs for motorists.

Travel costs for drivers by 20 - 25 euro for the country and abroad for 25-35 euro. Plus costs for bed.

Prices are different from the length of employment, which is:

1.   up   to  4  hours:   ? 70 

2. From 4 to 8 hours: ? 100

3.    Over  8  hours:   ? 120

The company can provide a luxury car (Mercedes Benz S class 350CDI) 

 Equipped with the 2 zone climate system, Air suspension, DVD + TV, refrigerator, table, stove for heating and microphone.

Bulgaria. Sofia. 1715  Mladost 4 Business Park Sofia   [email protected]

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